Site App In A Nutshell

The Site App is purpose-built mobile application that helps with the high quality & real-time electronic data collection at source (eSource). The application runs on standard mobile devices in a complete offline mode, with all ‘edit checks’ enabled, ensuring a very clean and high quality data collected digitally at the point of care. The application has built in functionality to support electronic consent, telemedicine, Randomization. It also supports IP Management and integration with EHRs and Lab systems for a smooth end-to-end digital dataflow.

Built-In Modules


CliniOps eConsent module ensures patient understanding of the study requirements and expectations and enforces study compliance. This allows the sites to conduct the eConsent process either in-person or remotely, including Ascent, LAR (Legally Authorized Representative) and other modes of consent. The module provides a controlled workflow with checks and balances to ensure the consent form is signed before any other study data is collected. During the consent process, the patient signature is seamlessly captured on the mobile device, along with the geo-location and the system-timestamp. Thus making the whole consenting process completely paperless and transparent. It also has the capabilities to ensure that the patient has the appropriate understanding of the study before they provide the consent.


CliniOps eIRT module (Electronic Interactive Response Technology) leverages various web and mobile technologies to support patient randomization for blinded studies. It can support studies with simple randomization to complex stratified randomization including cross-over trials. It also simplifies the process of assigning randomization codes based on barcodes and minimize errors.

Lab Integration

CliniOps offers standard APIs to integrate with 3rd party laboratories. A study can get data from one or more central labs and each lab can be configured for lab normal ranges based on the protocol and lab manuals provided by the labs. CROs can get near real time access to lab data and reconcile those with the study data to speed up the review process and make faster decisions.

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