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CliniOps DCT Suite leverages cutting edge mobile technology coupled with medical device integrations, smart homes, IOT and a very collaborative platform to bring Clinical Trials Direct-to-Patients, supporting ‘Decentralized Clinical Trials’.

Very soon most doctors, nurses, patients, data managers, monitors will all be ‘millennials’ who grew up with technology at their finger-tips. The design and development of the DCT Suite maintains a subtle balance to simultaneously cater to both an aging and a millennial population alike. It gives the flexibility to collect data either from home or from a site by either the patient or the study team.

The application is designed with the following in mind for seamless data collection and collaboration, giving the flexibility needed for such decentralized clinical trials:

  • Where’ is the patient data collected: Patient data could be collected at a clinical site, or a remote location (Direct to Patient), or any other location-flexible point which is convenient to the patient.
  • How’ is the patient data collected: Patient data could be entered via an intermediary (A study team member), or it could be mostly virtual with some human intervention (Eg: Mobile phlebotomist) or it could be Fully Virtual (all patient generated data, collected via App/device).

The DCT Suite makes the clinical trials more Patient Centric by enabling data collection with patients at their homes or at their normal care facility. It also helps increase Patient Engagement and Retention with regular reminders, notifications, alerts as needed, which also helps with the adherence as patients stay engaged and alert. DCT Suite also significantly increases a much wider Patient Outreach in resource poor areas which otherwise would not have been possible to reach, including newer geographies, usually considered very remote and difficult to operate. This can either be the ability to reach patients who lives several hrs away from the research site, or access to newer patient pool in Africa, Asia and the like.

On the other hand, the Sponsors and CROs have real-time access to complex and continuous streams of data in natural settings via connected devices, wearables and other digital modes, in one single customized dashboard.