Patient App In A Nutshell

The Patient App makes the clinical trials more Patient Centric by enabling data collection via telemedicine, with patients at their homes or at their normal care facility. It also helps increase Patient Engagement and Retention with regular reminders, notifications, alerts as needed, which also helps with the adherence as patients stay engaged and alert. The Patient App also increases a much wider Patient Outreach in resource poor areas which otherwise would not have been possible to reach, including newer geographies, usually considered very remote and difficult to operate. This can either be the ability to reach patients who lives several hours away from the research site, or access to newer patient pool in Africa, Asia and the like.

Built-In Modules


CliniOps eConsent module ensures patient understanding of the study requirements and expectations and enforces study compliance. This module guides the subject through the consent process so that they can get all the right information regarding the risk and benefits in the trials and hence make more informed decision regarding enrolling in a study. Subjects can sign the informed consent either in-person at the clinic or remotely over a tele-visit session.


CliniOps ePRO module is designed to engage patients via smartphones, allowing them to report patient data remotely and more frequently. It also allows for seamless site-patient interactions, with various patient engagement features. This module has proven to increase both patient retention and protocol adherence. Patient data can be collected on either a provisioned device or in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model. It also supports automated alerts and notifications to both patients and sites, via SMS, email or push notifications, as configured.

Videos & Newsletters

An important aspect of decentralized trials is to keep the patient constantly engaged with the study team. This will ensure that the patient dosent feel disconnected and gradually gains the confidence and gets comfortable with the remote model. One important way to achieve this, is to keep the patient constantly aware of study related details throughout the process. The Patient App supports study documents, videos, newsletters and other related information that can be shared by the study as the study progresses.

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