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CliniOps Products

CliniOps brings cutting edge technology innovations, to help the Pharma, Biotech and Med Device companies bring drugs & devices FASTER to market, with HIGH data quality and LESS time & cost. CliniOps Solutions not only eliminates several inefficiencies and manual processes, but also transforms the clinical trial workflow by streamlining the data collection, data analytics, and data submission processes. CliniOps received rave reviews for the solutions below:

 CliniOps App Suite

Supports Global Clinical Trials

CliniOps DCT Suite

Supports Decentralized (Virtual) Clinical Trials

The platform is designed to support massive scale and easy adoption. It is very flexible and has supported trials ranging from a few 25+ subjects in a single site setup to 25,000+ subjects in a large multi country global setup.

Clinical Research Industry is at a point of inflection and change of technology can introduce a paradigm shift in how the operations would be carried out going forward. Cutting-edge technology innovation in Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud (SMAC), provides a unique opportunity to transform the industry. Adoption of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), can provide a rich decision support system for Real-time trial Analytics & Adaptive Clinical Trials.

Data is collected from patient home, via smartphones, leveraging the mobile ePRO application. The ePRO application also supports medical device integrations, IoT and SmartHome devices, ensuring a very natural and seamless digital interaction.

Sponsors get instant visibility of study KPI’s, with real-time reporting/analytics and several rich capabilities. The system also provides several collaborative communication tools, including real-time notifications for AE/SAEs.

Data is collected at trial sites, or from patient homes via our mobile eSource application by the study team. Data is collected digitally at the point-of-care, with complete offline functionality, and online synch.

CliniOps leads the transformation…