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CliniPatient enables you to keep your patients engaged, involved, and interested in the study they are participating in thereby improving response to self reported data, decreasing mid-study drop-offs, and improving adherence to protocol. CliniPatient is designed on smartphones to help collect self-reported data from patient home.

Now a thing of the past

Your participants can now sign the consent forms electronically. Our controlled workflow provides checks and balances to ensure that the consent form is signed before any data is collected, that helps to enforce compliance. It’s also configured to capture the geo-location and the system-timestamp during the consent process, making the whole consenting process completely paperless and transparent.

Enable Biometric Patient enrollment

Prevent duplication of cases and false data entry through biometric verification of your subjects during consenting. Subjects can even choose to sign their consent forms using their fingerprint.

Alert patient for visit & dose regimen

CliniSite can automatically send alerts and notifications to your subjects to remind them to take medicine or follow directions from previous visits and also notify them about their upcoming visits so they don’t miss any of their scheduled visits.

Leverage our subject portal features

Your subjects can now login to our web portal using secured login system to view their personal data, and keep a track of all upcoming visits. Here patients can also approve their records.

Enable remote self-report data entry

Instead of going to a site location for a scheduled visit, patient can upload their self-report data remotely. This not only saves time and money for the patient but, also improves response rates.

Engage subjects with interactive gamification

Engage your patients by giving them access to custom designed interactive games to better engage patients in the study. CliniPatient can also provide patients with useful study related data for educational purposes, building awareness and thereby engaged patients.