Trials & Tribulations Post COVID-19

CliniOps Affords Clinical Trials Continuity

Covid virus

CliniOps, the Unified Telemedicine Platform, Addresses The Massive Challenge Facing the Sponsors and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) with its ability to reach Sites, Homes, Labs, and Using Connected Devices. It is stunning that it just took three months to stall the human scientific progress that started three hundred years ago. The coronavirus has well and truly upended the globe. Cities and countries have been under lockdown for months and as we come out of the lockdown, several practices will be part of the new normal including social distancing, essential travels and virtual life is slowly becoming the norm as countries race to develop therapies and vaccines.

Much attention, and rightly so, is focused on the drugs the biopharma industry is developing to treat COVID-19. However, all the various other clinical trials to find medicines for other diseases have been hit hard due to the stalled progress.

In essence, the life sciences industry is going through a much needed digital transformation where Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch will seamlessly co-exist in the years to come. We have also started seeing more acceptance of the use of cutting edge technology, by our colleagues from the clinical world.

Running Successful Clinical Trials Post COVID-19

CliniOps DeCentralized Clinical trials has the answer for you. With the integrated tools, centralized platform, central Clinical Data Management, electronic data capture, continuous engagement for remote patients, CliniOps delivers a complete package to keep the scientific progresses alive with uninterrupted clinical trials.

For example, when we were given a trial with hundreds of remote patients spread across Africa, CliniOps helped the Sponsor and the Clinical Research Organization literally change and adapt to the local requirements at the proverbial eleventh hour and ran the trials successfully.

Our offline to online tools enabled single source data from the source to the analytics helped the organization complete the trial with a 40% savings in the trial duration. Not to forget, while saving more than 40% of the total project cost in the process.

Existing trials on hold during covid

When the pandemic hit the world, the global data showed a 74% decrease in the average number of new patients entering trials per study-site year-over-year during the first two weeks of May, 2020, compared to the same time frame last year.

New Trials post covid

The outbreak had also put the brakes on almost all new trials that were being planned, except those focused on COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. These trials when they start will need to be redesigned and conducted with the post COVID-19 conditions.

As we navigate through these difficult times, the industry is looking for a solution that will help restart the trials on hold and also plan for new trials in the pipeline, designed and aligned with the new normal.