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CliniTrial is a mobile, cloud-based eSource solution, transforming the clinical trial industry. It is designed using cutting edge technology innovations leveraging SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud), that’s transforming the way clinical trials are conducted. It helps eliminate several inefficiencies and manual processes, and streamlines the data collection, data analytics and data submission workflow. Sponsors also get instant visibility of study KPI’s, with real-time reporting/analytics and several rich capabilities.

We give you unprecedented speed and agility

Our intuitive point & click interface with extensive built-in CDASH form libraries, variables, dynamic form rules and custom skip logic will not only help in having consistent configuration across multiple studies but will also help in post-study data management. The study setup is usually a matter of days/weeks than months.

Rely on our reporting system

Improved decision making with near-real time updates from your sites. Our rich reporting capabilities will empower you to prepare your reports with near real-time data to analyze trends, find discrepancies, monitor site compliance, and identify underperforming sites to ensure that your trials stay on track.

We offer flexibility and streamlined workflow

Seamlessly introduce mid-study changes without spending weeks on database lock, data migration and site coordination. Leverage CliniTrial to update the study requirements via the portal and send your updated study configuration with push notification.

Collect your data offline

Capture data offline using a tablet and synch online. CliniTrial Lite makes data collection using mobile devices easy, quick, and accurate with a user friendly interface, instant edit checks, photo/video upload capabilities etc. With CliniTrial Lite, you can access the site data without the need for internet connection.

Integration is the solution

Reduce your data collection time and increase your data quality by utilizing our integration features. CliniTrial Lite integrates with various medical devices and software to automate and streamline the data collection procedure and significantly cut down on verification costs.

Leverage CDISC compliant solution

Use eCRFs from our CDASH compliant library to generate CDISC-compliant SDTM datasets. Your eCRF design time will be shortened as CDASH eCRF forms can be pulled out of our library. FDA recommends CDISC data standards, and will in the near future require all submissions to be CDISC-compliant.

We have the solution

CliniTrial is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA. It provides key clinical data integrity and security features including audit trails, time stamps, date stamps, and encryption.

Use our site analytics

With our site level dashboard get a quick overview of your site performance and also compare your site metrics with other sites, in the study. All our metrics are based on SMART attributes (Simple, Measurable, Actionable, Real, Timely) so sites can focus on KPI that matter.

CliniTrial Lite gives you all the benefits

Our tablet based eSource solution, can be seamlessly integrated with other eClinical tools to offer you the benefits of offline data capture, medical device integration, multi-lingual support and various other benefits and enable you to streamline your data sourcing, data management, reporting requirements.