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CliniTrial offers you the flexibility of setting up and analyzing your study on our web-based application, while capturing data offline at source, using our tablet-based application ‘CliniTrial Lite’. Thus CliniTrial provides a host of innovative features such as Intelligent edit checks, workflow based design, and integration capabilities that will automate and streamline your data collection process into an efficient system that will make information available for reporting and analysis in near real-time.

Use our Trial Monitoring Command Center

With complete electronic capture of data at source including consent forms, research associates and monitors can now spend less time traveling to study sites and more time running the study and remotely monitoring data collection activities in near real time.

Reduce query generation at source

Although we provide a user friendly query management system, powerful edit checks within and across forms and variables coupled with complete electronic capture of data at source drastically reduces query generation and time to resolution.

Our Site Analytics feature tracks your study for you

Our centralized Site Analytics feature enables you to track the progress of all your studies through a single log in. Customize your screen to view information most relevant to you and monitor your studies’ progress at a glance.